Australian Seabird Rescue is a grass-roots community group with a passion for coastal wildlife rescue and conservation.

“How can I help?”

It’s easy!  You can make a donation, or become a supporting member of Australian Seabird Rescue.


With branches along the coastline of New South Wales and sister-groups around the country, ASRs strategic objective is to reduce the human impact on wildlife through rescue, research and education.

In 2011 ASR members rescued thousands of animals, talked to thousands of community groups in person and through the media, and trained hundreds of wildlife carers in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine wildlife.


In 2012, ASR celebrates 20 years of coastal wildlife conservation.  Our work will continue rescuing and protecting shorebirds, marine turtles and raising awareness about the human impact on the environment, continuing Lance’s legacy of reducing the impacts of marine plastic debris.


We are known for our work rescuing the Australian pelican, but over the years our expertise has expanded to all manner of seabirds, sea turtles and shorebirds.  Download our Annual Report for the latest update on our projects.

Our senior representatives are constantly traveling around Australia providing quality seabird conservation and protection workshops to thousands of active NGO volunteers and Government wildlife agencies.

Our members undertake regular clean up campaigns, removing tonnes of marine debris and domestic waste from our precious waterways. We are also very active in the community running awareness and education programs to all ages through our street stalls and visits to schools and community groups, and connect with the thousands of visitors to our coastal education centre each year. Our work has also effected change in legislation, with the introduction of a ban on the mass release of helium balloons in NSW and the establishment of an oiled wildlife network in NSW.

We regularly work with many government and non-government agencies including WildlifeLink Foundation, Dept of Fisheries, Dept of Primary Industries, Marine Parks Authority, Department of Environment and Climate Change, WWF, International Fund for Animal Welfare, RSPCA, ORRCA, Essential Energy, and Seaworld.

We are an incorporated association licensed by the Department of Environment and Climate Change National Parks and Wildlife Service for the rescue and rehabilitation of seabirds, shorebirds, waterbirds and endangered fish species along the entire coastline of NSW, and for sea turtles on the far north coast.

Our survival depends on donations.

“I wish to place on record my support for the work carried out by Australian Seabird Rescue Inc.” Don Page, MP, Parliament of NSW. May 2009.

“The group has gained strong community support across the NSW coastline and has received numerous awards at local, state and national levels.” Andy Fay, National Parks and Wildllife Service. May 2009.

“ASR has been operating in our region for many years and has now gained an international reputation as a provider of not only seabird rescue services but also many associated activities…” Mayor Phillip Silver.  Ballina Shire Council. May 2009.



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